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Why Howell and Associates for Brand Protection

We are a group that represent a number of different disciplines giving us the ability to see our clients problems from multiple angles enabling us to create customized strategies that ensure optimal communication and promoting the most effective actions to clean up your channels and protect your brand.

David G. Howell

Managing Partner - Founder

Thank you for visiting our site! We are an agency that thrives in getting positive results for our clients. We are a group that represent a number of different disciplines giving us the ability to see our clients problems from multiple angles enabling us to create customized strategies that ensure optimal communication and promoting the most effective actions to clean up your channels and protect your brand.

We are adept at multi-site operations, project and product management, sales training, sales management, strategic planning, organizational development, talent development, global marketing, corporate brand management, and business development.

It has been our privilege to serve (and have served) hundreds of clients in a number of the Fortune 500 as well as many smaller speciality organizations. Our primary aim is to to deliver results to customers at the highest possible level through customized approaches that incorporate monitoring, investigations and enforcement.

Education is a lifelong process for us. Because of this belief, we are ever expanding our educational offerings to help you stay at the forefront of the battle of protecting your brand.

We look forward to working with you.

David G. Howell
Founder and CEO
Howell & Associates


Howell and Associates Philosophy

Effective Online Global Brand Protection and Sales Channel Strategy have little to do with the strength of your brand, the number of eCommerce professionals hired, or a robust corporate strategy. The effectiveness has everything to do with using proven tactics and processes.

Our engagements have proven time and time again that in an ever-evolving global e-commerce environment, three common factors are critical among companies that successfully protect their brands. They include:

Monitoring, Investigation and Research, and Enforcement

Having refined this process through over 19 years of experience, H&A utilizes this process to help clients through problems caused by those selling and diverting their products without authorization. This includes the identification of unauthorized third-party (3P) sellers and other known DBAs (doing business as) they use; clarifying authorized sellers; shutting down counterfeit operations; providing data for potential legal action and much more.

We approach brand protection holistically, from a review of your fundamental agreements, processes, and activities of distribution, to educating invested stakeholders and continuing through disrupting unauthorized sellers that tarnish the brand image and divert business revenue.

The game of the Whack-a-Mole approach will do little to solve your problems on a long-term basis. It is our mission to help your organization put into place a firm foundation to solve these issues for today and tomorrow.


Howell and Associates Methodoly

At Howell and Associates, we specialize in cleaning up distribution channel compliance and improving product distribution. Because there is no “one size fits all” or “silver bullet” solution, we customize our processes to a brand’s particular needs employing mythologies that reduce or even eliminate unauthorized product sales. In a typical engagement, we may utilize all or some of these processes below. For example, we:

  • Analyze the marketplace, including previous enforcement and cleanup activities
  • Analyze existing policies and procedures and make best-practice recommendations regarding distribution channel establishment and maintenance (these policies and procedures are essential in working with online third-party marketplaces, customs, and other enforcement agencies)
  • Identify and investigate unauthorized product sales
  • Determine leaks in authorized distribution channels to identify how authentic product finds its way to improper marketplaces
  • Identify counterfeit or masquerading product and assist the brand in-house compliance team in removing these products from the market
  • Assist the brand in-house compliance team in channel compliance actions to remove unauthorized product listings, unauthorized sellers, and sales price violations
  • Assist the brand in-house compliance team continue to monitor sales and distribution channels, maintain clean channels, and respond to new market conditions
  • These tested and proven methodologies help businesses and brands prepare to successfully reduce the number of unauthorized product sales. At Howell & Associates, we help brands identify both unauthorized sales and distribution channel weaknesses, reduce unauthorized sales through targeted channel compliance actions, remove counterfeit products from the market, protect brand value, pricing, and reputation.

To get more information or speak with us about how we can help contact us here: EMAIL

At Howell & Associates, we utilize a Holistic System of Brand Protection and eCommerce. From creation to completion, we teach brands how to build brand protection programs that lead to significant amounts of revenue saved each year.
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