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Channel Conflict

What is channel conflict?

Channel conflict is a dispute or discord between two or more channel partners, because of one partners’ actions or operations which affect the business, profit, or market share or of another channel partner.

Many companies today face serious channel conflict caused by their inability to control online sales. Manufacturers that cannot control online sales will typically find their products advertised online at discounted prices, which causes cascading erosion of brand value. Soon, authorized resellers cannot earn margins sufficient to cover their costs and a reasonable profit. In this environment, the manufacturers’ retailers, distributors, or resellers become disgruntled and aggressively demand concessions under threat of restricting shelf space or otherwise limiting their business with the brand.

Howell and Associates helps companies develop customized, end-to-end strategies to eliminate these channel conflicts across numerous industries.  We do this through the following customized actions:

  1. Gain control over online sales through our Map Compliance and Removal of Unauthorized, Third-Party Sellers program.
  2. Once steps are taken to achieve the necessary level of control, Howell & Associates works with our clients to roll out their policies, including providing customer communications, talking points, and internal training.

Working with Howell & Associates, clients have achieved MAP Compliance across channels eliminated complaints from resellers threatening to cancel their contracts and grow their distribution and reseller networks by demonstrating control of online sales.

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