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Eliminate Product Diversion

How is my company being affected by Product Diversion?

Many companies grapple with serious diversion issues that materially impact sales and profits. These situations often arise when products intended for sale in other countries are either re-imported into the United States or simply never make it out of domestic ports. Other situations involve products being diverted from a lower margin channel to a higher margin channel, or products being sold into the United States that were manufactured overseas and intended for foreign markets. These diversionary activities cause various problems for companies, including consumer confusion, quality issues, lost sales, margin impact, regulatory concerns, upset authorized sellers, and more.

We  provide organizations a foundation for enforcing against the unauthorized sale of diverted grey market products.  We provide help and guidance to our clients with the following:

  1. We help companies implement policies and agreements that strengthen control over authorized distribution channels.
  2. We provide strategic and custom guidance you’ll need to implement enforcement strategies that align with internal resources and budgets.
  3. By pairing a combination of efficient, high volume enforcement with more targeted, escalated legal action against non-compliant sellers, Howell & Associates maximizes clients’ ROI and helps put a halt to the sale of diverted products.

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