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Why should your organization put more emphasis on removing unauthorized third-party sellers?

These sellers significantly harm brand equity, deliver inferior or counterfeit products, harm MAP programs, damage relationships with authorized sellers, and substantially interfere with eCommerce growth.  They are also far more likely than authorized sellers to violate MAP programs and similar policies.

Why do companies struggle to remove these unauthorized sellers? 

Companies struggle because they don’t have a legal basis to compel them to cease selling or an enforcement system that is effective at identifying and permanently removing them. As a result, most companies end up playing whack-a-mole while helplessly watching the number of unauthorized sellers continue to increase.

To alleviate the “whack-a-mole” approach,  we have developed a proven program and process to remove third-party sellers that includes:

  1. Identify the necessary legal foundation to support the efficient, effective, and permanent removal of unauthorized online sellers in a lawful manner. This involves helping our clients implement the policies and procedures necessary to control and shut down unauthorized sellers.
  2. Implement enforcement systems that effectively incorporate the right technology, robust subpoena and investigative tools, and efficient legal enforcement.
  3. Incorporate technology and analytics to prioritize enforcement targets to maximize business ROI.
  4. Use investigative resources, databases, and subpoenas to obtain anonymous unauthorized sellers’ identities.
  5. Execute a graduated enforcement approach to using a variety of enforcement tactics that align with our clients’ goals and budget.

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