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MAP Compliance

Why do manufacturers or brand owners need to operate a successful MAP program?

MAP programs are key to preserving brand equity and customer relationships. With the growth of eCommerce and online marketplaces, authorized and unauthorized resellers are often advertising at discount prices that cause other retailers to complain and refuse to invest in the brand. This can invariably lead to marketplaces and others to demand lower prices from the manufacturer and reduce the overall brand value.

In order to help organizations implement and manage successful MAP programs, we help you to:

  • Prepare and implement appropriate policies that account for business realities and can be effectively enforced.
  • Implement additional channel controls to alleviate intra-brand competition on marketplaces that would otherwise render a MAP policy unworkable.
  • Establish the requisite legal foundation for conducting enforcement against unknown sellers (without implementing these policies and procedures, most MAP programs will fail).
    Monitor for sellers advertising below MAP, then investigating to determine the identity of any anonymous sellers.
  • Execute a graduated enforcement system that targets not only authorized sellers violating MAP, but also unauthorized and grey market sellers advertising below MAP.
  • Conduct escalated legal enforcement against unauthorized sellers.

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