Amazon & Open Marketplace eCommerce
Symposium & Hands-on Workshop

Invitation Only

Seattle – July 17th & 18th, 2019

Workshop Topics:

  • MAP Policies
  • Investigations
  • Authorized 3P
    Seller Programs
  • Reseller & Distribution Policies Agreements
  • Technology
  • Enforcement Strategies

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Howell & Associates is bringing together eCommerce, policy, and strategy experts for a live two-day panel and hands-on educational workshop.

The symposium will teach brands how to take back control of pricing and distribution in today’s marketplaces.

To create a meaningful educational experience, attendance at this event will be limited to 50 seats and is INVITATION ONLY.

There is no cost for brands and manufacturers to attend this event but registration must be completed in advance at

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Event Details: 
Amazon & Open Marketplace eCommerce Symposium July 17-18, 2019 Seattle Washington 
Seattle Hilton Hotel Downtown


Day 1: Expert Panels 

Strategies, Policies & Agreements, Investigations, Technology Do’s and Dont’s. 

Day 2: Hands-On Educational Workshop  
Small-group workshops. Get one-on-one instruction with experts in each functional area. Get actionable instruction for your organization.