Multi-Week to Multi-Month Aggressive Channel Compliance Cleanup

A sustainable brand protection program takes time to create, repair, or improve. Some channel compliance matters can be resolved in as little as a few weeks. Others require several months. At H&A, we build brand protection programs for the long term.  Our goal is to engineer a robust program that eventually converts itself into an easily-maintainable maintenance program.

At H&A, we help at every step of the way. We help assemble the brand protection team, including brand leadership, legal, sales, and operations.  We review the foundational documents, policies, and procedures, and recommend best practices. We help a brand roll out the channel compliance to affected stakeholders on the brand protection team, including outside partners, distributors, and authorized sellers. When established, we help execute the brand protection program in monitoring product sales, investigating sellers, spearheading channel compliance actions to disrupt unauthorized sales, and broadcasting the success of the program to stakeholders and the market.