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Having refined this process through over 19 years of experience, H&A utilizes this process to help clients through problems caused by those selling and diverting their products without authorization.

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I got Jacked! – Brand Protection Basics “Brandjacking” What Happened?

Global Online Brand Protection Basics: “Brandjacking” The term “Brandjacking” was originally coined by MarkMonitor in 2007. Brandjacking is as common to the web as identity theft is for those outside the web. Just like everyday consumers, corporate brands are prone to attackers who could use their reputations for financial gains or damage their reputation for other malicious […]

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5 Ways to Make Your Products Harder to Counterfeit

The fashion industry has been dealing with counterfeiting for over a century but it’s only been in the last decade that online markets and modern manufacturing have made it possible to counterfeit almost anything. And the counterfeiters are out there. If you haven’t found a counterfeit variation of your branded products being sold on eBay […]

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Effectively Combating Counterfeit Sales on and Other Top Online Marketplaces

E-commerce experts predict that online sales will account for more than $4 trillion of all retail transactions by the year 2020. This represents close to 15 percent of all projected retail sales for that year. As the industry anticipates this explosive growth, online retailers must build up their defenses against unauthorized third-party sellers who undermine […]

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Howell and Associates - Channel Compliance & Strategy

Our engagements have proven time and time again that in an ever-evolving global e-commerce environment, three common factors are critical among companies that successfully protect their brands.

Brand Protection & Channel Compliance


This includes the identification of unauthorized third party (3P) sellers and other known DBAs (doing business as) they use.


clarifying authorized sellers; the shutting down counterfeit operations; providing data for potential legal action and much more.

Research and Enforcement

We approach brand protection holistically, from review of your fundamental agreements, processes, and activities of distribution, to educating invested stakeholders, and continuing through disrupting unauthorized sellers that tarnish brand image and divert business revenue.

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At Howell & Associates, we utilize a Holistic System of Brand Protection and eCommerce. From creation to completion, we teach brands how to build brand protection programs that lead to significant amounts of revenue saved each year.
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