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Having refined this process through over 19 years of experience, H&A utilizes this process to help clients through problems caused by those selling and diverting their products without authorization.

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Brand Protection 101 – Online Global Brand Protection & IP Basics – A 101 Course

Let’s start a true “Brand Protection Basics” conversation this evening, something I have been eluding to the last few weeks. To start the conversation, I always feel it’s my obligation to ask any a few simple questions before even starting any brand protection discussions; What are your overall goal(s) with your brand protection program? How […]

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New study shows that discount shoppers are more inclined to buy counterfeit merchandise.

Keep in mind that we are going to talk about the possibility of counterfeits within these marketplaces and not channel management. I will go into channel management this week that will focus on Third Party sellers and selling outside the proper channel, and how to stop those activities. I thought it appropriate to talk about […]

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Uncovering the Unknown – The Virtual Deficiency Check

In the last year, more and more of the brands I consult with started to noticed a surge in products that are not meeting their standards; being sold as legitimate and sanctioned, online. These unauthorized sales are causing a host of issues, ranging from illegitimate warranty to market dilution with severely under-priced goods, and many […]

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Howell and Associates - Channel Compliance & Strategy

Our engagements have proven time and time again that in an ever-evolving global e-commerce environment, three common factors are critical among companies that successfully protect their brands.

Brand Protection & Channel Compliance


This includes the identification of unauthorized third party (3P) sellers and other known DBAs (doing business as) they use.


clarifying authorized sellers; the shutting down counterfeit operations; providing data for potential legal action and much more.

Research and Enforcement

We approach brand protection holistically, from review of your fundamental agreements, processes, and activities of distribution, to educating invested stakeholders, and continuing through disrupting unauthorized sellers that tarnish brand image and divert business revenue.

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At Howell & Associates, we utilize a Holistic System of Brand Protection and eCommerce. From creation to completion, we teach brands how to build brand protection programs that lead to significant amounts of revenue saved each year.
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