Establishing a collaborative environment is how successful ventures begin.

Create a clear and compelling cause.

  1. To create a cohesion, team members must be provided with a convincing reason to be a part of the company mission. 

Communicate expectations

  1. Collaboration must be communicated to team members as the minimum standard. To foster this, team members must be provided with defined individual and collective roles and responsibilities they will hold within the team.

Establish team goals

  1. To drive success in team members it’s important to set measurable goals for each on a quarterly basis.

Leverage team-member strengths

  1. To empower each team member, it is a great strategy to work with their strengths rather than working around their weaknesses.

Foster cohesion between team members

  1. Cohesive teams are more successful. They are successful because each person on the team is included in as many large decisions as possible. 

Encourage innovation

  1. For teams to grow they must be encouraged to brainstorm and question the status quo in an open and non-judgmental environment. 

Keep promises and honor requests

  1. Most requests and promises are held sacred within a team, but considered optional between other company units or customers.
Encourage people to socialize outside of work
  1. We all lead busy personal lives and the thought of having one more corporate event we are obligated to attend can add stress.

Recognize, reward and celebrate collaborative behavior

  1. The legends of athletic dynasties or standout corporate successes consist of incredible collaborative efforts. 

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