Howell and Associations


I've known Dave for several years and have found him to be extremely competent in working with others. He brings an uncommon energy and dedication to his work and working relationship with others. His customers have been very loyal to him and he has been very facile in initiating and fostering strong customer relationships.
Jim Silversten
As an Account Manager for MarkMonitor, I worked closely with Dave on a daily basis. During that period, I had an opportunity to observe Dave's skills, abilities and work habits from a first hand perspective. Without reservation, I can state that Dave is the best natural sales person with whom I have ever worked. He has an uncanny ability to establish rapport and overcome objectives. On numerous occasions, I found myself thinking, “I wish I could do it that well!”
Stevephen Hawk
David, has a professional sales approach that translates into qualified sales leads and sales.
Mark Johnstone
David Howell is a highly qualified senior sales executive with experience in the management of major accounts for mid-size to Fortune 500 companies. In addition to implementing strategic marketing and sales communications that effectively supported an increase in revenue, David consistently delivered the types of programs and solutions necessary to achieve higher profit margins and wider marketplace potential. He produced quality teams that were devoted to her objectives and unfailingly handled conflict with grace and intelligence. His dedication to quality customer service is bar none.
Doug Kalousek
Dave was a genuine pleasure to work with. Though we worked on different continents, Dave was always available to help with a deal or was on the phone asking advice about a European subsidiary of one of his US-based accounts. He's a very competent sales professional with an excellent understanding of the online intellectual property market and has a natural ability to build strong relationships with both customers and co-workers.
Jon Lawrence
Super sale guy! Super closer! Get's the deal done.
Michael Hon, MBA
David is a smart, effective and successful sales executive. On the lighter side (but super important when you work along side someone 8 hours day for years) he is also fun , enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with.
Rick V.
David is an aggressive sales manager, very goal oriented and success focused. I'd be happy to have him on my team.
Michael Hon, MBA
It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to endorse David Howell. David and I had the pleasure working together over the last year on several business development and ORM projects. David is highly respected by his co-workers for his willingness to help anyone anytime he can. He is extremely well organized, diligent in his research and execution of projects, and not mention an expert in the ORM field. David was instrumental in closing and implementing several client projects. He presents technical material with such ease and humor that he will make any client comfortable. His creative ideas for presentations were inventive and entertaining; they were also astonishingly effective. During the time I have known David he has distinguished himself as a conscientious and energetic pioneer in the field of ORM. I have enormous respect for his deep knowledge in the ORM field, and have been pleased to work with him on many occasions.
Rick V.Donna Menton Hennis
David has the drive and determination to see that his clients get the best service from him and the company he represents. You truely are working with a partner when you enter into a business agreement with David. I look forward to the opportunity to work with David with many more details in our future.
Daniel Gutierrez
I was an old colleague of Dave. In our time together I saw Dave win large account for MARKMonitor. In addition to this, Dave had great inner office communication which allowed the team to work more fluently and transparent together. Dave is a valued asset to any company and I hope to work with him again someday.
Jon Gittings
I've worked with David on multiple occasions and have always been impressed with his ability to communicate. It's always a pleasure and I wholeheartedly offer him my recommendation...
Ross Burck
I worked with David when he provided Reputation Management Services to Metamend Software, a web marketing firm based in Victoria BC and Boise Idaho. David understands and explains critical reputation management issues faced by companies of all sizes doing business on the Internet. His background, knowledge, meticulous documentation and ability to persuade offenders into compliance make him an excellent reputation management consultant.
Jim Hedger
David is passionate about his work and performance. This love of his internet trade, online reputation management, comes through at every point of delivery. Coupled with David's knowledge and experience, he brings a degree of client success that is unmatched by any other reputation management service. This is why I continue to recommended David's services to companies seeking effective solutions to protect online brands.
Murray Owen
When it comes to work ethic and knowledge of the brand protection and IP industry David ranks among the very best in the business. He provided much needed insight on new product development that lead to new revenue streams. If you're looking for "That Guy" then David is that guy. From Leadership, commitment and great communications David has it all. I would highly recommend him in whatever he endeavors to do.
Keith McDowell
David’s best qualities are his ability to see the big picture while not missing out on the details. He is just as passionate about starting new projects as he is accomplishing them. His knowledge on brand protection is staggering and it is definitely a good idea to have him on your side.
Bob Chen
I have worked with David over the past 4 years on several high profile brand protection projects and he has always been a pleasure to work with. He brings a great deal of professionalism and experience to the table and most importantly, he is an extremely honest individual. David is extremely reliable and he proves himself to be very motivated, skilled and capable senior sales and project manager. He was very admired and appreciated by the team because of his professional attitude and his optimistic and cheerful behavior. For myself, integrity is the make or break element of such a business relationship and I will continue to work with David any opportunity I get.
Matthew Bowes
David Howell is a talented sales person and insightful advisor. Moreover, few people can match his understanding of Internet marketing, affiliate fraud, social media monitoring and online brand protection.
Todd Cooley
We hired Davids firm to help us fill a hole that we had previously struggled to deal with effectively. That being domain abuse and International domain squatting. David and his team were able to deliver and save us money at the same time. One domain that we had struggled with for over two years was turned over to us within 3 weeks of putting David on the case. David's commitment to integrity was something that really stood out in the industry. That's what sold me. And I didn't regret it once. If ever in a similar need again I would gladly hire David and his team again.
Troy Groberg
David Howell certainly knows the business like no one else! His knowledge of Intellectual Property and his unique ways of finding new business make him an asset to any company. David was always able to find the golden nugget in any prospective client portfolio. He is creative and gets the job done every time.
Brittin Hilyard
Dave was an excellent salesman at Markmonitor. Knowledgeable, friendly and willing to go the extra mile. A great all round person to work with.
Colin Darbyshire
David is energetic and ambitious. He maintains a vision and drive for achieving results. He is not afraid to obtain success through proper channels. He kept current with industry trends and regulations. David is friendly and courteous in the workplace. He treated every staff individual as team players and encouraged them to utilize their strengths for reaching overall company goals. I would be happy to work with him again.
Liz S.
I am happy to write a recommendation for David. While at MarkMonitor David was one of the top sales producers. My role was to manage accounts that David would land, so many times David and I would have to work closely with the client to ensure their needs were met. David is a great guy, good sense of humor and professional in what he delivers. I welcome any questions regarding David's ability to provide good customer service to the clients he serves.
Clark Baumgartner
David is a true online brand protection professional. His depth of experiences gives him unparalleled strategic vision. He is totally engaged in his projects and a trusted business partner.
Hervé Berthou
David is an innovative professional who has no qualms about stepping outside the box, challenging convention all within the bounds of his ethical responsibilities. This is evidenced by his outstanding body of work in his day to day activities. I have been consulting with David for 18 months now and I would encourage all to engage with him. His consultative insights have been valuable in both my professional and personal career. I highly recommended David and again encourage anyone looking for business consulting services to contact David immediately.
Jennifer Thompson
I worked with David as a Product Manager while he was developing new areas of business for the company. Outside of being an excellent subject matter expert on every area of his business, he is an effective leader and clear communicator. His "the buck stops here" attitude and "what you see is what you get" demeanor make it very easy to quickly build a solid working relationship and begin to rack up accomplishments. He also has the rare ability to be effective on a shoestring budget while building momentum and morale on his team. I would definitely welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future.
David Radzialowski, CSPO
David is a wonderful person to work for. I have learned, and continue to learn so much under his leadership. I am thankful to have the opportunity to work with someone with so much expertise in the industry.
Richelle Welbourn
David and I worked together at Channel IQ for almost 3 years. In the time, I became very well aware of his expertise within the Brand Protection sector. His know-how and professionalism was a valuable asset that was integral to our team's overall success. He has assisted in various divisions of the company including Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service. He is always willing to go he extra mile and our clients value that very much.
Anthony B.
David is smart, business savvy and practical. David has a good understanding of all aspects of the online files we work on together. David pushes me to be efficient, effective and get the right results for the client.
David S. Lipkus
David is very professional especially in the field of Intellectual Properties and Positive Client Interaction.And at the same time very friendly as a colleague.
Zulfiqar Ali
I have had the privilege of working for David Howell. I can say that his outstanding knowledge, leadership skills, and excellent rapport with client relations makes him an outstanding leader. David's tenacity and insight of the technical issues surrounding Domain and Intillectual Property rights is an absolute must as technology continues to change and present new unforeseen issues for many patent holders and various companies. He also is incredibly informative on current issues and topics surrounding Intellectual Property rights through various organizations such as WIPO and ICANN. I would recommend David to any company he wishes to work with as he is a valuable asset to any organization he sees potential in.
Shannon Thun
I have had the pleasure of working with David for a little while now, mainly while I was with the World Customs Organization working with North American companies. I must say the first time I spoke to David I knew he had a very keen sense and knowledge of everything Brand Protection. I look forward to continuing our efforts in combating illicit goods and would recommend David and think of him as a true thought leader in our industry.
David Chandler
David is an authority in the field of brand protection and a great communicator. He is extremely knowledgeable and very passionate about helping brand owners protect their intellectual property rights. I recommend everyone with an interest in online brand protection to read his "Brand Protection Basics" essays. David is a true gentleman and I feel fortunate that our paths have crossed.
Christian Sampson
At the Spring 2015 International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (“IACC”) Conference in San Diego, I had the privilege of meeting David Howell. In the short time we have known each other, we have been able to accomplish some aggressive goals. As David is active with IACC, he has a professional network second to none. David’s understanding of all aspects of global investigations is where we were able to build a strong relationship. David is very knowledgeable in all areas of brand protection, from domain name issues to anti-counterfeit solutions. When it comes to dealing with online marketplaces that pillage manufactures today, David is definitely an expert in this area. He has the uncanny ability to identify a problem before it becomes damaging to the brand and knows how to solve these complex problems with creative enforcement solutions. David has worked diligently to successfully build rapport within a difficult industry; this has given him the extraordinary resources and knowledge to solve just about any clients’ issues. He is a doer. I openly give my strong recommendation and would support David in any project or venture he would undertake, as I know it would have a successful outcome.
Denise Mosteller
I’ve had the pleasure of working with David at Channel IQ, he’s a very driven and motivated individual that will go the extra mile for any client. David’s knowledge of brand protection across all aspects of the business makes him a valuable asset to any team.
Jennifer Maurer
David is energetic, professional and works hard to deliver great results on very complex deals. He is passionate about his customers' success and it shows in where he prioritizes his time and efforts. David also has an innate ability to work with partners to make sure everyone has a deal that can lead to success by all parties. David can also be trusted to work well remotely, something that can be hard to find.
Tim Woda
I worked with Dave for 3+ years at Channel IQ and highly recommend him for any position where thought leadership and strategic business planning are primary considerations. Dave is a domain expert in the brand protection space, a seasoned sales leader, and a strong platform evangelist. I watched Dave create a new business unit from idea to execution, successfully train an existing sales and support team, and organically grow a strong customer base from the ground up. Startups are hard enough on their own but being a startup within a startup takes a special breed of leader. Dave posses the tenacity and skills necessary to start something new or take an existing business to the next level.
Jeffrey Messer
I had the pleasure of working closely with him during my tenure at Channel IQ to help define and better position Channel IQ's brand protection product and service offers. His many years of driving eight figure revenues, large Rolodex of personal contacts and ability to identify and solve complex solutions for his clients is a winning combination. Without a doubt, one would need to look long and hard to find a more dialed in and influential professional in the brand protection industry. Simply put, on a personal level, I'm a better businessperson and marketer due to having him as a trusted colleague. All I can say is thanks David!
Paul Jursinic, MBA-MSIMC
David is someone I worked along side for the past 2+ years and a distinguished expert in the Brand Protection & Global Marketplace Compliance industry. He built a successful BP division at Channel IQ that provided some of the world's most important and strategic brands with a critical business solution to address the likes of anti-counterfeiting, Grey Market Abatement, Trademark & Copyright infringement as well as a variety of investigative and enforcement services. His often-requested industry expertise was consistently acknowledged through his informative & captivating BP webinars in addition to the strategic accounts that requested his personal involvement for recommended best practices/ strategic solutions to address their channel management issues. David is an upbeat, hard worker and proven leader that would benefit any organization that is either launching or expanding their channel management/brand protection business and needs a seasoned professional to manage and grow the business.
Ray Foster
I had the pleasure to work with David during my time at Channel IQ and I would recommend him for any position where thought leadership, intellectual property and Brand protection is needed. David took a team, with few resources and turned it into a highly successful team that provided real value for Channel IQ's clients. He took the time to also teach his subject matter to the entire organization. I, for one, greatly benefitted from his expertise and our time together at Channel IQ. Any organization would benefit from his exceptional leadership, high motor, and work ethic.
Carlos Garrido
I worked with David for roughly 2 years at Channel IQ. David is a dedicated professional who was instrumental in the creation of the Brand Protection program at Channel IQ. David’s industry knowledge enhanced the webinars and allowed for additional insights to be garnered by clients. David’s work during Compass ensured that the conference was stacked with industry expert speakers. He was a valuable asset to the BP team.
Georgia P.
I worked with David for almost two years at Channel IQ, and I highly recommend him as both an expert in Brand Protection and an extremely motivating leader. David was amazingly dedicated to keeping our Technology team involved in - and excited about - our Brand Protection offerings. He has a natural gift for explaining complex scenarios in a way that immediately inspires team-members to realize what they can do to help achieve a larger strategic initiative. I was always impressed with David’s command of information about our industry and his ability to use that knowledge to drive results. In addition to this, David is just a great guy - the type of leader you want to have on your team - he goes out of his way, consistently, to make sure each person’s voice is heard and their points made a part of the conversation.
Johnny Lamb
David has a proven track record as an exceptional thought leader and passionate evangelist in Intellectual Property Rights. David is responsible for the inception, rollout and execution of Brand Protection remedies that address the ever-changing demand to combat online counterfeiting and Trademark infringements. In short, David is THE reason why CIQ has Brand Protection services. He is also the reason why the sales team has won a number of complex deals, whether they were in untapped verticals or incremental growth that would otherwise cease to exist. He is consistently on point with his messaging and always has a compelling course of action to resolve pain points for the client. David is a true standout, a differentiator and disrupter in his field. I am grateful for his contributions and am glad to have worked with him.
Brandi Schumacher
You only need to read David's profile and other recommendations to understand his expertise in brand protection. Instead of echoing others, I'll point out his deep understanding of emerging technology, which gives him a unique perspective on the "art of the possible" in digital marketplaces. As a technology product manager it was a pleasure to work with someone that not only understood the domain, but understood how solutions should work for customers. That information was invaluable to me, and would be to any company looking to innovate solving the complex problems in the digital world.
Sean Carpenter
David is a highly skilled and dedicated professional, whose depth of knowledge in assisting companies protect their brand and intellectual property is second to none. I was fortunate to work with David for more than 3 years, and benefitted greatly from his expertise. He has spent years honing his craft, and his dedication to excellence is evident in everything he does. He is a proven problem solver - a fact I witnessed first-hand as he came alongside Channel IQ clients to guide them in protecting some of their most valuable assets. As a mentor, he is generous with both his time and insight. I count myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with and learn from someone as knowledgeable and devoted as David.
Dawn Regner, CP
David hosts a very informative webinar "Who is Selling Yur products? Investigating & Identifying Third-Party Marketplace Sellers. He and Denise Mosteller teach brand owners and investigators effective techniques to locate merchandise being sold illegally and identify who is selling them. They also discuss steps brands can take to make their claims enforceable in court. This is important information for legitimate marketers and the investigators who help them maintain brand integrity. These steps will also protect consumers allowing them to buy confident that they are receiving legitimate products from legitimate sources.
Timothy Hardiman
As a seasoned Director of Brand Protection, David was integral to identifying marketplace diversion and key material differences all which could be added into our policies and procedures to protect our portfolio of brands. Given David's industry experience within online brand protection, he is a resource with insurmountable diversion, trademark and anti-counterfeiting knowledge, which are disciplines I learned from his leadership. I advise anyone seeking any help regarding these topics to have no qualms to spend on the best adviser with the best information.
Myron Brandwine
If you want to protect Your unique name and stellar personal and corporate reputation David is the only person to go to. He is very approachable and is only a message or call away. He will enforce and protect Your hard earned reputation and name and prevent anyone from bad mouthing you and spoiling your goodwill. David's white papers burst with pieces of wisdom hard to find anywhere. Collect these pearls while You can and hire the man himself to convert his immaculate knowledge and in-depth experience to results for You in no time. He is the go to person for anti-fraud, anti-counterfeit and Amazon compliance. Don't leave your name and reputation to chance. Hire the best in the industry to safeguard it. I highly recommend David (with my own name and reputation behind him) and wish him and you the very best working together to further your name and goodwill like Sunshine in the wide sky.
Rajan Singh
Mr. David has been really helpful and extremely knowledgeable, I really admire his work and his passion!
Joshua Fortini
I have had the pleasure of knowing David for over six years. He is professional when it comes to making sure that all his clients are well informed and taking care of. David Howell will also go out of his way in his personal life to help many people. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to investigation. It has been a pleasure to know him both professional and personal. The clients come first for this hard working man.
Mark Flowers
David and I have known each other for a few years now and he is very responsive to any type of request I have approached him on. He is a good resource for brand protection topics.
Samantha Frida
David brings a wealth of knowledge and energy to his efforts in protecting companies and their brands. His ability to see through the "white noise" of the Internet to identify the real problems and provide solutions has proved invaluable to our mutual efforts to protect a clients intellectual property online. I would welcome the opportunity of working with him again and know that he would make a valuable addition to any serious brand protection team.
Tom Mersch
When I first met David I was impressed with his knowledge and enthusiasm. As I worked more closely with him on Conferences and webinars I quickly realized he knows how to get to his objective using the straightest line and most expeditious route. He has been a no nonsense and extremely practical colleague who continues to outpace others in his space. I look forward to continued work together. In my world of anti-counterfeiting brand protection Dave is the real deal.
Lorne Lipkus
David’s expertise in online brand protection and his established relationships with online market sites has given us the opportunity to identify ways to ensure quality product is being distributed to consumers through proper distribution channels. We certainly understand that we cannot completely neutralize unauthorized activity online; however, David consistently delivers as promised and he is genuinely willing to use his resources to help us be more efficient in protecting our brand. David is a stud!
Jesena Soto
David is a consummate gentleman and exceptionally personable; two of the traits which I demand in someone with whom I conduct highly sensitive business. David was ever attentive, exact and consistently went beyond the normal to deliver on projects. If I needed a favor, insight or, an expert opinion, David was my first call...this man's wired in and connected! On those rare occasions when he may not have the information, 30 minutes and a few well-placed calls always yielded the results I needed; and, for the nature of the financial decisions we needed to make, David's insights saved us months of research, time and above all, considerable money. If you're considering David for anything, don't wait, make the smart business move and hire Without reservation, David has my full recommendation and I can't wait to work with him again soon on another project.
Darrell Weaver
David is a highly skilled and dedicated professional, whose depth of knowledge in assisting companies protect their brand and intellectual property is second to none. The educational webinar that was held on 16th Aug 2017 was an interesting and it also help me out to understand more about Investigation strategies and Identifying Third-Party Marketplace Sellers. Please if there is more educational webinar in future do let me know and guys do attend this webinar in future it is very useful and helpful to understand more about Third-Party Marketplace Sellers
Bindu Pathak
David Howell is someone who simply knows how to get things done. Where some people see a challenge he sees an opportunity. He is a scholar of his craft and a true gentleman to deal with. I am not someone who is easily impressed but I have been very impressed with David Howell.
Allan Merrell
I have known and worked with David for close to 10 years. He is truly an industry leader that continues to push the boundaries of what online brand protection is while building long-term relationships. He is always available and always looking for innovative and creative ways to build and enhance relationships and their successes. I also consider David an industry colleague and even more a friend. If you have the opportunity to work with David, I recommend do it sooner than later. Thank you again for always being there and being a great leader in this industry.
Adrienne Triplett Wall