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Restrict & Grow Online Marketplace Sales

Why should my company be worried about online marketplace sales?

The online marketplace explosion has brought with it many challenges for manufacturers and brands. Brands often face resellers that obtain products from brands’ distribution networks in myriad ways and list them on the marketplaces – typically in violation of pricing policies. Once these products are listed online, they begin to disrupt marketplace pricing algorithms, which, in turn, disrupt advertised prices across other channels. A downward spiral typically ensues. These unauthorized sales thwart eCommerce sales growths and cause massive channel conflict and impaired brand value, which, left unchecked, will only get worse.

I’m using a SaaS company or have an employee(s) monitoring and enforcing on marketplaces, what else should I be doing?

Howell & Associates develops customized strategies to help businesses control and grow their sales on online marketplaces. H&A has worked with companies to do the following:

  1. We work with you to create specific channel strategies for individual marketplaces and to prepare and implement authorized reseller policies and grey market controls to support those strategies.
  2. Provide data analytics consulting to help you find gaps and focus priorities.
  3. Strategic and focused investigation and enforcement services to identify and stop disruptive unauthorized sellers.

By working with brands to develop and implement end-to-end strategies to control their sales on marketplaces, we have helped brands achieve MAP compliance, substantially grow their sales, stop quality control issues, eliminate channel conflict and protect and grow their brand value.

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