A Comprehensive Approach For Dealing With Unauthorized Sellers

Learning Programs

H&A also provides a variety of educational and training programs.  These programs cover many brand-protection related topics, issues, and techniques.  We conduct web-based trainings, in-person workshops, seminars and symposiums, and on-site trainings to help a brand’s interal compliance team hone their brand protection skills.

Policies, Agreements, and Procedures

A brand protection and ecommerce system draws its strength from its foundation.  For businesses and brands, the foundation begins with reseller agreements, distribution agreements, warranties, pricing policies, and monitoring procedures and systems. We assist clients in aligning foundational agreements, policies, and procedures with their long-term strategy and channel compliance enforcement objectives.


Without distribution, a brand or business could not get its products to market.  But, the same life-blood distribution system that sustains a brand or business also often generates the unauthorized sales that disrupt normal sales and operations. A company’s distribution strategy can directly impact the brand’s ability to control unauthorized sellers, enforce MAP policies, and increase sales via e-commerce channels.  At H&A, we teach brands best practices to avoid distribution pitfalls and improve distribution strategies in both traditional brick-and-mortar and eCommerce operations.


H&A assists brands, particularly manufacturers with more than one authorized distributor or reseller, execute and enforce MAP policies, intellectual property rights, and distribution procedures. To avoid favoritism, collusion, and anti-trust issues, brands and manufacturers often require a third-party agent to evenly monitor and execute a brand protection program among multiple authorized sellers or distributors. We recommend monitoring technologies and design comprehensive workflows that integrate monitoring, investigation, and enforcement procedures.

At H&A, we help companies develop consistent enforcement strategies and improve the execution of those strategies.  We help businesses align the strategies and execution with overall market objectives, business purposes, and budget constraints.

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