A Comprehensive Approach For Dealing With Unauthorized Sellers

Howell and associates Offerings

At Howell and Associates, we specialize in cleaning up distribution channel compliance and improving product distribution.  Because there is no “one size fits all” or “silver bullet” solution, we customize our processes to a brand’s particular needs that reduce or even eliminate unauthorized product sales. For example, we:

  • Analyze the marketplace, including previous enforcement and cleanup activities
  • Analyze existing policies and procedures and make best-practice recommendations regarding distribution channel establishment and maintenance (these policies and procedures are essential in working with online third-party marketplaces, customs, and other enforcement agencies)
  • Identify and investigate unauthorized product sales
  • Determine leaks in authorized distribution channels to identify how authentic product finds its way to improper marketplaces
  • Identify counterfeit or masquerading product and assist the brand in-house compliance team in removing these products from the market
  • Assist the brand in-house compliance team in channel compliance actions to remove unauthorized product listings, unauthorized sellers, and sales price violations
  • Assist the brand in-house compliance team continue to monitor sales and distribution channels, maintain clean channels, and respond to new market conditions
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