A Comprehensive Approach For Dealing With Unauthorized Sellers

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Holistic System of Brand Protection and E-Commerce

Howell & Associates (H&A) includes a team of intellectual property professionals who specialize in brand protection, channel compliance, and intellectual property development and enforcement.


In our work with many different clients, partners, and industries, we compiled, and continue to compile on a regular basis, a large and comprehensive data-base of unauthorized sellers.

Unparalleled Experience and Resources

  • Previous and current clients include a majority of Fortune 500 brands.
  • Principals include world class brand strategy, legal, investigative, and educational experts
  • Large and comprehensive database of identified marketplace sellers representing a variety of industries.

Unauthorized Seller Disruption and Channel Compliance Enforcement

As retail sales migrate to eCommerce platforms, the risk of exploitation by opportunistic parties continues to increase, which may jeopardize brand image and consumer confidence.


At Howell and Associates, we specialize in cleaning up distribution channel compliance and improving product distribution.  Because there is no “one size fits all” or “silver bullet” solution, we customize our processes to a brand’s particular needs that reduce or even eliminate unauthorized product sales.

Initial Consultation Call

In an initial thirty- to six-y minute phone call, we explore about a business, brand, or manufacturer’s current eCommerce strategy, market forces, and vulnerabilities. We will also provide best practice recommendations with actionable steps to begin creating, repairing, or improving a brand or business’ brand protection program.

Multi-Week to Multi-Month Aggressive Channel Compliance Cleanup

A sustainable brand protection program takes time to create, repair, or improve. Some channel compliance matters can be resolved in as little as a few weeks. Others require several months.

Continued Channel Maintenance

As the brand protection program matures, fewer and fewer unauthorized sellers remain. But, when a company succeeds in removing a particular unauthorized seller or correcting a rogue distributor, the unauthorized sales or a particular unauthorized seller may not disappear forever.

Learning Programs

H&A also provides a variety of educational and training programs.  These programs cover many brand-protection related topics, issues, and techniques.  We conduct web-based trainings,

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