a note from our Founder

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Our tEAM

David G. Howell

Managing Partner - Founder

Dave guides brands in all aspects of brand and intellectual property protection.  From creation to completion, Dave teaches brands how to build a brand protection programs that save millions of dollars annually.

Maurice Matsumori

Sales, Marketing & Education - Partner

For the past 20 years, Maurice has led initiatives in leadership, employee, and organizational development.

Denise M.

Brand Protection & Investigation

Denise has 20 years of investigation, brand management and intellectual property experience encompassing both online and “boots on the ground” strategies.  

Brandi O.

Business Development
Brand Protection

Brandy O. serves as a client point of contact for investigations, enforcement and learning initiatives.  She is an avid eCommerce consumer and committed to ensuring brand integrity and channel compliance.

Claudia A.

Finance &

Claudia manages billing, accounting, and other finance needs, specifically working to help keep costs down for our clients.

Bryan Taylor

Business Development

Bryan is part of the business development team at David Howell. Bryan coordinates with team leaders to establish a working relationship with our clients.