Unauthorized Seller Disruption and Channel Compliance Enforcement

As retail sales migrate to eCommerce platforms, the risk of exploitation by opportunistic parties continues to increase, which may jeopardize brand image and consumer confidence.

The presence of retail arbitrage, collusion, or counterfeit products grow with each passing year.  Opportunistic parties willingly undercut Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policies, which results in brands losing millions of dollars. Furthermore, such marketplace activity can disrupt the relationship between a manufacturer and its authorized sellers abiding by MAP and other policies.  H&A helps brands, manufacturers, and sellers develop strategies using intellectual property and other techniques to disrupt and even shut down unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters.  H&A specializes in investigating and identifying the actual sellers, not just the anonymous storefront and doing-business-as operations presented by opportunistic parties.  We help brands apply appropriate and legal pressure on opportunistic parties to help them understand the ramifications of their illegal conduct and move on to selling other products.