Webinar Helps Businesses Avoid Losses from Unauthorized Third-Party Sellers on Amazon.com

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Webinar Helps Businesses Avoid Losses from Unauthorized Third-Party Sellers on Amazon.com

July 25, 2022
Howell & Associates

Meridian Idaho – Tuesday, March 6, 2018 – Leading Brand Protection and Channel Compliance consulting firm David G Howell & Associates is hosting an educational webinar with Amazon Expert, Tall Ridge to help businesses secure their sales and distribution channels within the Amazon.com marketplace. Ultimately, your brand on Amazon will or currently is suffering from price erosion, decreased consumer confidence, perceived product quality issues and diminished sales due to unauthorized third-party (3P) sellers. These issues also dramatically disrupt your authorized online retailers as well as your brick and mortar partners, causing major channel conflict. On this webinar, we will be educating you on how to address these problems and much more.

Join our webinar, Restricting Amazon Sales | The Only True Long-term Successful Marketplace Sales Strategy, and let us educate businesses on how to win on Amazon while protecting your brand. Attendees will learn how to take the steps to clean up your Amazon seller landscape; Resources and tools needed for success; and the Benefits of an exclusive 3P professional Amazon seller strategy.

The webinar will be hosted by David Howell, industry expert and founder at David G Howell & Associates and guest speaker John MacEntee, eCommerce veteran and President of Tall Ridge. Howell has provided online brand protection and channel management services to most of the Fortune 500. MacEntee has a proven track record in scaling eCommerce businesses with a focus on brand management and executing effective multi-channel distribution strategies. Tall Ridge has become a leading Amazon retailer, experiencing explosive growth over the last three years while helping manufacturers protect pricing and overall brand integrity.

The webinar will take place on Tuesday: March 20 at 1pm EST. Enrollment is free, but spaces are limited. http://www.davidghowell.com/webinars/restricting-amazon-sales/

“It’s our hope that businesses will quickly secure a spot for this informative webinar,” Howell said, “with the decline of traditional brick and mortar retail, businesses need to be sure that their online sales and distribution channels are clean, secure and free from outside threats.”

The estimated U.S. retail e-commerce sales for the fourth quarter of 2017 totaled $143.1 billion, an increase of 33.7 percent, according to The Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce. “What some businesses might not realize is that a large portion of online sales end up going to unauthorized third-party sellers. Sometimes these sellers are offering counterfeit or subpar products that end up damaging the reputation and price of the brands they’re attempting to imitate,” Howell said. “That’s one reason why businesses need to be vigilant about protecting themselves from grey market sellers.”

Registration for Restricting Amazon Sales | The Only True Long-term Successful Marketplace Sales Strategy is open online at http://www.davidghowell.com/webinars/restricting-amazon-sales/

David G Howell & Associates headquartered in Meridian Idaho is a Full-Service Online Brand Protection, Marketplace Channel Management, Strategy & Consultancy Agency. Combing 16 years of experience in the Who, What Where When and Why of such things as Amazon.com and helping companies succeed!

Tall Ridge (www.tallridge.com), headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois is top professional Amazon seller firm that drives revenue growth, brand control, and pricing stability for its clients. Tall Ridge works with a number of brands in the Outdoor category looking to sell direct on Amazon and other marketplaces. Tall Ridge celebrates active living and offer products for the quality conscious consumer.

To inquire about this Webinar or other related topics, please contact David Howell (208) 340-5866 dghowell@me.com

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