Take Control. Restrict, Protect and Grow! Whether a manufacturer brand wants its products to be offered on Amazon or not, their products will most likely end up being listed on the platform by third-party (3P) sellers. The reality is that anyone that has access to product inventory can create a listing on Amazon and start selling. These independent 3P sellers, many of which are unauthorized, cause real problems for manufacturers.

This is especially true for MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) based brands. Amazon is a price driven marketplace where the seller with the lowest price wins. In order to compete on Amazon, many 3P sellers violate MAP policies to win the buy box and get the sale. Unauthorized 3P sellers are also typically creating listings with no input or approval from you, the brand, when it comes to imagery, messaging, warranty or claims made about the product. In addition, If you are a brand that allows select authorized 3P partners to sell your products on Amazon, sales for these MAP-abiding sellers are negatively impacted by these unauthorized MAP-violators.

Ultimately, your brand on Amazon suffers from price erosion, consumer confidence issues, product quality concerns and diminished sales, not to mention the significant channel conflict it causes with your other authorized online and brick and mortar partners.

What is the solution? Aggressively RESTRICT your sellers on Amazon, even to the point of a single authorized 3P seller. In this webinar replay, we discuss why this is so critical, the many benefits, and the process to achieve and measure the success of this strategy.

In this webinar replay, you’ll learn:

  1. Steps to cleaning up your Amazon seller landscape;
  2. Resources and tools needed for success; and
  3. Benefits of an exclusive 3P professional Amazon seller strategy.

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