You Worked Hard to Build Your Brand.
Now Lets Protect It.

Interested in identifying the current size of threat to your business? 

Give us a few days and we will prepare statistics for you that put the proper information in your hands, allowing you to make the best decision for your Company.

The H&A Difference

Our engagements have proven time and time again that in an ever-evolving global e-commerce environment, three common factors are critical among companies that successfully protect their brands.


Shutting down counterfeit operations and providing data for potential legal action through formal discoveries and fact examination. Clarifying authorized sellers to maintain brand distribution integrity and channel compliance.”

Research and Enforcement

Our brand protection approach is holistic. From reviewing your fundamental agreements, processes, and activities of distribution, to educating invested stakeholders, our team comprehensively looks at the interconnection of what is tarnishing and disrupting your brand and diverting business revenue.


Systematically identifying and reviewing unauthorized third party (3P) sellers and other known DBA’s being used.

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Request a free reports to identify the size of threat for your business brand. Reports typically take 3 - 5 business days.
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